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This document has been prepared to assist you with planning a successful presentation for the XIIIth Eastern Regional Ophthalmic Conference (EROPHCON) under the aegis of Nepal Ophthalmic Society (NOS) at Birgunj on 18th – 19th October 2019.



All presenters and participants must register and pay the applicable fee to remain in the program. The registration charges are: NRs 2000 for non-NOS members; NRs 1500 for NOS members and NRs 1000 for Ophthalmology Residents, optometrists and accompanying person/spouses. Registration along with distribution of ID cards, kits & other materials will be done at the registration desk / reception on arrival at the conference venue.

For online registration please deposit registration fee accordingly in A/C no. 0601017500841, Nabil Bank, Powerhouse Branch in favor of EROPHCON 2019 BIRGANJ.



Presentation Guideline


Preparing your presentation


Oral Presentation guideline


Affilliation and financial disclosures: Financial disclosure must be made by every speaker for every presentation irrespective of whether the financial interests are relevant to that particular presentation. The second slide of every presentation must be on disclosure. If there is no financial interest, please put ‘Financial Disclosure: Nil’ on the slide.


Video: The audio-visual system will use Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Any video clips within your presentation are to be in MP4 or WMV format playable in PowerPoint. Please embed your video into your PowerPoint by choosing to INSERT your video into the PowerPoint and check that the video has been tested before the presentation to ensure it loads quickly enough during the presentation.


Font and design: Use font styles and sizes that are easy to read, with larger sizes for titles and headings. Please avoid using abbreviations or explain them as they are used. Background colors should either be dark with light font color or vice versa. For best visibility, font color should be white or yellow on a dark background. Use illustrations only if they enhance your presentation or clarify an idea. Please avoid using too many special effects.


Images: Presenters may use images in their presentations, where relevant. It is the presenters’ responsibility to ensure they have the copyright to use the images in their presentations. Use graphs rather than just figures and words to make data easier to comprehend. Ensure that graphs and other illustrations are simple with limited text.


Content: To ensure your presentation caters to a wide-ranging audience, please carefully explain the background of your abstract and provide clarity on the topic you are presenting on.


Language: All presentations are to be made in English. Speak slowly, use short sentences and small words and avoid phrases that are difficult to pronounce.


Presentation Duration: The duration of each presentation will depend on the number of speakers in a particular session. The allotted time for presentation of free paper / original article will be 8 min, while for case presentation it will be 6 min. For key note speakers, time allotted will be 10 min to 15 min according to the session. Discussions will be made at the end of the sessions.


Presentation schedule: We will mail you the final presentation schedule and keep updating you via emails. It will also be available as a booklet at the conference.


Submitting your Presentation:


Speakers must email their PowerPoint by 10th October 2019 via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This will avoid unnecessary rush and hassle on the day of conference to upload the materials. Please remember to bring a copy of your presentation in the USB drive/ pen-drive as well in the conference. Speakers must check in and make sure that their PowerPoint presentation is uploaded before their scheduled presentation.


During Your Presentation


Please review your presentation before hand and our technicians will help resolve any compatibility and/or formatting issues. The PowerPoint and video files you have uploaded will be automatically transmitted to the laptop computer at the podium before your session begins.


Please arrive at the conference hall room on time before the session starts. All the sessions will start and end on time, and this will be strictly enforced by the MC and moderators.


Please be seated in the front row so that you can go up to the podium immediately after the speaker.

Once you start to present, a timer will be running on the top right-hand corner of the computer screen. Warning bell will run 1 minute before the given time. Run into conclusion at this point. Full bell rings at the end of given time duration. Please do NOT overrun, as every minute that you go over your maximum presentation time is a minute less for presenters later on the agenda. Therefore, all presenters need to be respectful towards their fellow session presenters.




Poster size: Posters must be in portrait format and not exceed 1 meter in height and 90cm in width.


Title/ authors/ affiliation: Please include the poster title, names of the first author and coauthor(s) and affiliation at the top.


Poster Layout and contents:


a)      For  papers:  The  contents  should  be  clearly  structured  under  the  headings  of  Introduction,

Methods, Results and Conclusions for papers

b)      For cases: The headings should be Introduction, Case description and Conclusion for cases.

c)      For hospital activities poster: The contents should include - Brief Introduction of Hospital / Hospital services and activities / other highlights of the hospital.


Heading fonts should be larger in size than body text. Make sure the poster is not too crowded and that there is enough blank space. Tables should be simple and easy to follow. The legend of a figure should appear below the figure. Illustrations are more appealing if they are in color. Please include eight pertinent references at most.


Poster design: Posters can be designed using computer programs such as PowerPoint, Corel Draw or Adobe InDesign. Use an appropriate balance of text and images to convey your message in an easy-to- read way.


Interest: Financial interest, if any, must be disclosed and included in the poster. Presentations made at the Conference must not be used to promote a commercial product.

Site of display: The posters will be displayed in the corridor at the conference venue. The adhesive tapes will be provided at the venue. For any assistance, volunteers will be available at the site.


Date of display: The presenter / author should make sure that their posters are displayed before 2pm on Day 1 of the conference (i.e. 18th October, 2018)



Wish you all the best!




Scientific Committee

XIIIth Eastern Regional Ophthalmic Conference 2019 (EROPHCON)


Rotatory Internship training programme

R M Kedia Eye Hospital

Candidate must be complete M.B.B.S. from recognized university

News & Events

Ram Kumar Mahabir Prasad Kedia Eye Hospital
Parwanipur-4 Birgunj, Nepal
Phone:- +977-51-591112,591114
Email:- info@kediaeyes.org 

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